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A successful company is not only defined by its end product, but also
in the experience encountered throughout the entire project.  At
Reynolds & Doyle we built our reputation on these values.  Our
commitment to excellence has earned us premium-grade certification
by the American Woodwork Institute (AWI) Quality Certification Program
and the respect of the architects, contractors and ultimately,

What started as a 2-man operation over
60 years ago has evolved into
a top-of-the-line casework supplier for Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee,
Indiana and Missouri.  Anything from reception desks, nurse stations,
classroom cabinets or office furniture,whether the project is plastic
laminate,hardwood, corian or a mixture of all three, Reynolds & Doyle
has the tools and know-how to give you the results that you desire.

In an industry where technology changes rapidly, Reynolds & Doyle
prides itself in staying up-to-date with today’s market.  Concepts like
this help give the consumer a higher-quality custom product without the
margin of error typically associated with large, complex projects.  This
technology also allows smaller jobs to be processed with the same
precision, but without the long lead times.  Our ability to adapt to
individual customer needs and new design trends eliminates costly
changeovers and engineering fees.

With computer integration between the office personnel and the shop
floor, all components are cut and machined to exceptionally high
tolerances for tighter joints and to precisely accept the specified
hardware.  The end results are doors and drawers that open and close
smoothly with consistent reveals.

To compliment the technology side of Reynolds & Doyle is the goal of
our employees to strive to achieve only the highest-grade product.  
Craftsman with years in the casework industry provide special attention
to details only brought about by experience.  That experience provides
superior results.  

As an added service, Reynolds & Doyle can provide it's own installation
if requested.  Our in-house installers have a history of excellence and
pride themselves in their work.  Our crews provide the finishing
touches needed to ensure only the highest quality installation.
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